Tuesday, January 04, 2005

An Ugly Brick with a Spectacular Screen

HP iPAQ hx4700 Review

I handled an HP HX4700 today. Just briefly -- I don't like the case or the touchpad idea, or the price of this thing. But the display is SPECTACULAR!!!

You have no idea how good it looks until you see one in the flesh. This is the best display I've seen -- on anything! Let alone a PDA. This display on a thumbwheel-controlled phone edition would be the ultimate (now, erase from mind and get back to 240X320).

PDA Navigation Brainwave

Under the left thumb there's a press to click thumb wheel with a home
button above it and a back button below.

Clicking the wheel reveals a
base menu arranged down the left hand side of the screen. Hilighting an
item automatically shows a sub-menu and clicking the wheel moves into
that menu.

All apps would be full screen. Apps would be smart enough
to stay in the last menu as required. System wide and user defined menus
would always be available from the root.

Numbers and auto completing
words would also be accessible with the wheel. A touch strip could be
used instead of a wheel. The response must be instant; no special

A hot corner at the top left of the screen would enable pen input. Click
and hold followed by a turn of the wheel would step through the running
apps. Turning without clicking beforehand would scroll through the
current app.