Saturday, September 11, 2004

Savi Target Points

The timeline includes a clock. When you click and drag the clock it becomes a countdown timer. The more you drag down the longer the time - the further to the right, the greater the sensitivity of the timer setting scale. Releasing starts the timer and produces a bar from the Now terminator on the timeline, into the future. As Now passes the end point an alarm sounds and the end point is now dragged by Now to become a count up timer. Clicking the bar causes the clock to show the bar's current value. Later, the bar can be dropped in the database panel to produce a preset timer for later use.
All objects that have values that can be varied have target points on them. Clicking and dragging an object may move the actual object, but clicking and dragging an object's target point pops up magnified scales of values that can be changed. Any movement left or right would switch scales and any movement up or down would scroll through the available values.
Expanding on that -- registered value types within documents could have their own target points; the phrase, "A temperature of 180° Celsius" could be clicked to show a scale centred on that value and its Fahrenheit equivalent.


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