Saturday, September 18, 2004

Savi Mapping

A streetmap enhancement could fetch addresses from the contacts database and place them on the streets in a refined database view. When plugged into the cellphone the Savi would refine the view to the suburb surrounding the nearest cell site. A "Next Time I'm" database linked to contacts could generate a list of errands when in a particular area. The map could generate the most efficient route to tackling them.
A call from a contact could show their position on the map; tapping your position would produce directions from here to there. Tapping your position when in other cities or countries would switch you to different dialling prefixes, timezones, currencies, service providers, rail schedules etc.
The firmware of any Savi device that you plug your block into would tell the block where the device is located, to help in updating your location. Public Savi kiosks would present you with calling rates when you attempt to connect to online services.


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