Saturday, September 18, 2004

Savi Budgeting

Using Mac's addon, Bob decides to budget for an overseas vacation a year from now. First he clicks on his bank account in the database panel. In the properties panel he sees his current balance in bar graph form. He slices $200 from the bar and drops it on a new account. Then he chooses to repeat this process every week. Next time he connects the bank will open the new account and start transferring the money.
He drops the account on the timeline and, using the properties panel, he creates a new viewing filter. The filter makes a wedge in the timeline, starting $200 thick and expanding into the future. A year into the future Bob creates a new object; it's the vacation and in its property sheet he enters its cost. This places another wedge within the wedge. At any point between now and a year from now he can see how much is put aside for the vacation and how much is in surplus.
He decides he wants a new camera between now and then; dropping the camera object in the vacation wedge shrinks the surplus wedge -- if the vacation date is locked then the camera will snap to when it will be affordable. If he drags the camera towards the future then the surplus wedge will re-appear; if he drags towards today then the vacation object will either contract in value or move away, further into the future.
Adding money to the account could fatten the wedge, causing the camera to slide closer to today. A bar could be extended from the camera towards today, creating a lead time in which comparison shopping could start; the camera could be linked to the contact details of a dealer to request brochures at that time as well.
With enough surplus, Bob decides to buy the camera. He drops the camera on the supplier and the money is transferred from his new account to the supplier who delivers the camera. The shiny new camera now appears in his regular timeline at the projected delivery date; clicking on the camera displays is shipping progress in the properties panel. When it arrives Bob can choose to leave it in the timeline with a warranty bar extending onto the future.
It's getting close to vacation time now so Bob selects points on the vacation's lead time bar and assigns vacation related tasks; the vacation object now doubles as a financed project...


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