Monday, September 20, 2004

Object Standardisation

There would be a standardisation of object properties. If Dick Jones Electronics wanted Bob and others to use their services they would build an object and place it on their website where it could be dragged and dropped into Bob's database.
As well as the usual contact details, such features as "I am a vendor," "I deliver" and "I use Savi cash transfers" could be enabled. The Dick Jones online catalogue would use standardised product objects. Because they use common retail product specification fields and image spaces Bob will be able to show competing products in tabular form to help him compare features and comparison shop.
Corporate, Retail or Public Savi hardware would have a guest slot where Bob could plug in his block to retrieve product brochures, catalogues, local maps and contact details. All of these objects would strictly comply with standards or be rejected by the block. Multiple addresses in the Dick Jones object would tie in with Bob's "I am here, what's nearby" feature.


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