Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Using Savi

Imagine a block the size of a PC card. The block would contain the operating system, all of the applications or enhancements and all of the documents, music, images and other data files. It would also contain a set of smart batteries. Whatever other device the block was connected to would contain the CPU, display, input devices, modem, networking devices, optical drives etc. It would also have firmware to match the operating system to its display type and input method.
Bob uses the Savi system. In the morning he plugs his block into the family desktop system which switches it on. The desktop charges the block's smart batteries while he checks his email and updates his pages. He pulls the block from the desktop, turning the desktop off and inserts it into his combination phone and PDA. The display automatically adapts to the PDA screen size and pen input. Once in his car he slots the PDA into its cradle and the car tops up the battery. The car stereo now adds the music in the block to its playlist. A call comes in and its routed through the stereo as well.
At work Bob plugs the block into his wifi tablet. When Bob checked his mail at home the desktop dialled up, in the car the cellular phone dialled up, now at work the tablet fetches mail from the company server. The block knows where it is by what its plugged into, Bob doesn't have to do anything. Meanwhile back at home Bob's son plugs his block into the desktop. Nothing that Bob did remains on the desktop so there's no way his son can damage Bob's operating system or data.
A phone rings nearby with Bob's personal ring tone; its his boss calling via wifi and bluetooth through the tablet to the phone. In Bob's database panel his boss's name flashes as Bob picks up the phone. By tapping on the name, the timeline shows recent dealings with the boss and the document panel shows recent meeting notes as well as a fresh note for this conversation. During the discussion the boss sends Bob a future meeting button that flashes in his timeline. It doesn't clash with any other appointments so Bob taps it to confirm the meeting. Later that day the boss thinks of some other things to discuss at the meeting so he sends the note to Bob's meeting button. The button flashes slowly to prompt Bob that its been modified.
A reminder sounds in Bob's timeline to organize his vacation; he's too busy right now so he drags the reminder further town the timeline, effectively snoozing it. Later, when it sounds again he decides to delegate by dropping the reminder on his assistant, making the task hers.
This morning the video recorder at home spoke to the desktop and added the most recently recorded shows to Bob's timeline. He tags the shows to watch tonight and selects some more for recording from the schedule, including a training video that shows up in the corporate tab that now appears in his database panel; dragging the video from the corporate tab to the timeline of tonight downloads the video to the block because Bob won't be at work to watch it.


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