Friday, August 20, 2004

The Savi interface

The Savi interface is dominated by four panels that are always present. These are, clockwise from top right:
The document panel
This is the primary panel and it normally dominates the screen real estate. Images, articles, messages and movies etc. are always displayed here.
The properties panel
If any item is clickable then the resulting information or options will be displayed here.
The timeline panel
Every action taken by the user is time stamped and recorded on the timeline. The timeline is the primary means of refering to things done or things looked at. The timeline also looks forwards at meetings and reminders.
The database panel
Every item can be categorized and listed in the database panel. Broad categories could include contacts, collections, document types etc.
An in depth look at each panel:
The document panel
At its top is a horizontal bar displaying the document date, the type, the author and the title. If the panel was displaying a web page then the author would be the website and the title would be the title normally seen in a browser. Click and hold on one of the fields to show a list of recents followed by an alphabetical list for jumping to other documents. Click and release a field to change its value. In the case of a web page, changing its title causes the page to be permanently saved.
While you are looking at the web page an email message arrives from Peter. Peter's name flashes in the database panel. At the same time "Message from Peter" appears in the timeline. Clicking Peter's name causes the message to display in the document panel at the foot of the continuous roll. As well as text, the message contains a link and an image. The message can be scrolled while his signature remains fixed in a separate sub panel at the bottom.
The link appears as a button, hiding the address; it can be clicked to open the link, or dragged to the database or timeline. When held over the database, various logical categories and destinations will cascade and when held over the timeline, a view of the near future will expand for it to be dropped for scheduling. The button could be dropped on a name or group, initiating a message that contains the button. It could be dropped on the local version of your website which will update the online version.
If the image where dropped on your website you would have the option of using that image, or linking to Peter's original. If you chose to then "focus" on the message from Peter then the database would show all items linked to him, the timeline would show all dealings with him and the properties would show all of his details. If the Savi where connected while you were looking at Peter's details: Clicking his address would show a map and his location with the option of directions from here to there. Clicking a phone number would call him and record it in the timeline; a fresh note page would appear in the document panel. The properties panel would also contain a checklist of things to mention to Peter. His instant messaging address would show if he was currently online. Naturally, if you clicked it a chat would initiate in the document panel


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